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8 Inspired Ideas for Your Rome Stag Party

8 Inspired Ideas for Your Rome Stag Party

Planning a stag party in Rome? You’ve come to the right place.

Italy’s capital has it all — from bars, beaches and a banging nightlife to the best food in the world. And with regular cheap flights to both its international airports, you won’t be breaking the bank to get here.

Whether you are culture vultures, football fanatics or connoisseurs of the finest draft Peroni, Rome has something to suit every kind of stag party.

Here are 8 Rome stag party ideas to make your weekend unforgettable (together with a handy map so you can plan your accommodation accordingly). 

Thinking of taking a taxi from the airport? Read this to avoid getting ripped off.

Daytime Stag Party Ideas in Rome

Try Indoor Skydiving at Fly X

You don’t have to dive out of a private plane to experience the sensation of free-falling. At Fly X, about a 15-minute walk from the Garbatella Metro stop, you can experience the feeling of freefalling in an adrenaline-boosting indoor skydiving setup. Costing around €50 per person for a 90-minute session, Fly X offers excellent value for money. 

Plus you’re bound to get plenty of shots of the stag looking like a tw*t.

Book your flying experience here

Keep it Competitive at the Cube Challenges

For lads who love a competitive challenge, the Cube Challenges are the ultimate test of wits and teamwork. The Cube Challenges consist of around 25 mini-games, including football, rope-swings, mini-boxing and logic puzzles, that test your physical, mental, and logical prowess. 

Divide yourselves into teams of 2 to 6, decide on a forfeit, and go head-to-head in a battle of strength and wits. Prices range from €20 per person for 60 minutes, €25 per person for 90 minutes and €30 per person for 120 minutes. 

Book your Cube Challenges here

Become a Gladiator of the Paintball Arena

Channel your inner Maximus, set the stag in your sights, and pummel him with paint on a high-octane paintball session. Rome has several paintball arenas dotted around the peripheries but our favourites are Smash Arena in the north and south of the city. 

Pricing starts from €15 per person for 140 paintballs to €35 per person for 1,000 paintballs. You can add a range of extras, including camo, catering, BBQ and a videographer, to make sure your stag’s humiliation is captured for posterity. 

Book your paintball session here

Tour the Colosseum with Skip-the-Line Entry

You can’t visit Rome without stepping inside the Colosseum, but big crowds and long lines put many people off. By joining a small-group Colosseum tour with skip-the-line tickets, you can guarantee you get the most out of your time in the ancient capital.

Treat your stag to a Colosseum Tour and discover all the fascinating history of the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill with a fluent expert guide.  

Book your Colosseum Tour here

Evening Stag Party Ideas in Rome

Join a Tipsy Tour of Rome

Touring doesn’t have to be boring, and our Rome Tipsy Tour is an experience unlike any other. Over three hours, you and a fun-loving group of international travellers will try a range of traditional drinks in trendy local bars, discover the darker and more scandalous side of Roman history and set yourselves up for a big night out. 

Visitors consistently rate our Tipsy Tour as one of the best experiences in Rome. But don’t just take our word for it — see what people are saying themselves.


Boost Your Tinder Profile through a Boozy Cooking Class

Women love a man who can cook, so why not show off your skills through a Tipsy Cooking Class! Hosted in our centrally situated, air-conditioned cooking school, this beginner-friendly cooking class combines two timeless Italian traditions — sipping on Spritz and making hand-made pasta from scratch. 

Your friendly, fluent chef will guide you through making classic Roman dishes (carbonara for carnivores; cacio e pepe for vegetarians) while you indulge in classic Italian cocktails. Not only is our Tipsy Cooking Class a fun, hands-on alternative to a sober restaurant meal, but it’ll add impressive skills and photos to your profile to raise your Tinder game. 

Book your Spritz & Spaghetti Tipsy Cooking Class

Taste the Best Roman Street Food on a Tipsy Food Tour

Rome’s street food scene is legendary, and there’s no better way to experience it than with locals, like a local. Meet like-minded foodie adventurers, savour traditional Roman pizza, pasta, tiramisù, gelato and more, and indulge in a range of classic Italian drinks including wine, beer and cocktails.

Book your Tipsy Food Tour

Catch a football match at the Stadio Olimpico

Rome is home to two major teams, AS Roma and SS Lazio, which both compete in the top flight of Italian football. Visit during the Serie A season between August and June and chances are you’ll be able to catch one of their matches, and believe us when we say that the atmosphere is electric. You can purchase tickets here through the Vivaticket website.

If you’re visiting out of season, book an Olympic Stadium Tour that takes you behind the scenes and onto the pitch for full immersion in the history of Roma, Lazio, and the Azzurri. 

Make Your Rome Stag Party Unforgettable with Tipsy Tours

The Tipsy Tours run a range of unique experiences that bring you the best of Roman food and drink while offering the opportunity to meet fun new people.

Don’t leave it until the last minute to plan your ultimate stag party in Rome. Secure your Tipsy Tour spots today and treat your stag to a night he’ll never forget. 


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