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Best Things to do at Night in Barcelona for Wine Lovers

Best Things to do at Night in Barcelona for Wine Lovers

Barcelona's thriving nightlife offers an experience unlike any other, particularly for wine lovers. A new world opens up when the sun sets over the Catalan capital, switching a day of sightseeing for an evening of indulgence. 

This article is full of tips about Barcelona's alluring nightlife and the best things to do for wine lovers. Whether you're an expert sommelier or just love nothing more than a delicious glass of wine, here are just five of our top wine-related activities in Barcelona.

Enjoy a Wine Tasting Under the Moonlight

If you love drinking wine—why not learn about it? 

Discover Barcelona's renowned wine culture by embarking on a memorable wine-tasting journey after dark. The city has many places where you can experience a variety of regional and foreign wines, from quaint cellars to the best wine bars.

Experience a unique sensory experience by immersing yourself in the knowledge of sommeliers as they lead you through the tastes and scents of Catalonia's most exquisite wines.

Visit Barcelona's Top Wine Bars

Barcelona excels in wine bars, if there is one thing. It only makes sense that one of Europe's finest towns has a ton of venues to sip wine! Despite how straightforward it is, it's one of the top experiences for wine lovers in Barcelona.

Want to eat, drink and have fun? Els Sortidors del Parlament offers all three of these options. Situated in the trendy Sant Antoni district, its wine range is unmatched, and the owners take special pride in their incredible variety of Catalan wines. 

They are also among the best wine bars in Barcelona for tapas in terms of food.

Every wine bar in Barcelona, whether it is classic or modern, has a certain personal touch that the people adore. Set aside some time to talk with the owners and employees. They can provide you with a fascinating insight into Barcelona's wine culture in addition to assisting you in finding your new favourite bottle.

Take a Wine Tour and Make New Friends

Drinking alone is like travelling alone—you should only do it in specific circumstances, and if you’re going to do it, you might as well do it properly. So instead of going it alone in Barcelona, meet like-minded travellers on our Barcelona Tipsy Tour

Explore Barcelona's hidden beauties by going on an intriguing night tour with a boozy theme. Discover the mysteries of Barcelona’s centre as you wander through the streets of the historic centre with a fun, friendly guide who will tell you stories about Barcelona's darker history. 

Sip Wine While Enjoying Rooftop Views

If you can't get enthusiastic about sipping cocktails at Barcelona's best rooftop bars, you might want to rethink your sense of adventure! Being surrounded by beautiful Catalans while taking in breathtaking views is about as good as it gets on a trip to Barcelona. And although there are fantastic bars everywhere, these rooftop charmers are something else entirely.

Enjoy a bottle of wine at Yurbban Trafalgar Rooftop while taking in the city's stunning cityscape. This spot is perfect in many ways. Including the panoramic city views, live music every Wednesday, and affordable prices (by standards of a rooftop bar). 

Want to grab a drink while enjoying the view of the cathedral and the Gothic Quarter? Ohla Chillout Terrace is calling you!

Barcelona has a lot of great rooftop bars, but we're pretty sure you'll want to visit more than one of them.

Barcelona Tapas Food Tour

Prepare your palate for a mouthwatering adventure through the lively streets of Barcelona, where tapas reign supreme and taste buds are in for an absolute treat. Join our tipsy tapas food crawl as you explore well-known and less-known restaurants while enjoying a variety of delectable tapas matched with local wines. 

The tapas scene in Barcelona is a great treat, featuring everything from classic dishes like patatas bravas and jamón ibérico to cutting-edge culinary inventions. Discover new sensations, take in the lively ambiance, and let the local cuisine stoke your passion for wine.

Enjoy a Wine Art Exhibitions

Extend your wine and art experience beyond the canvas by visiting wine art exhibitions in Barcelona. These exhibitions showcase the works of local artists who draw inspiration from wine and its cultural significance. 

Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of the exhibitions, admire the diverse artistic styles, and gain a deeper appreciation for the intersection of wine and art in Barcelona's creative landscape.

Join Our Vibrant Tipsy Tour in Barcelona

Experience an exciting and vibrant tour without the monotony. Join our Tipsy Tour and allow us to handle the bars and the energetic atmosphere. Our distinctive experience combines scandalous historical anecdotes, entertaining drinking games, local beverages, and the opportunity to meet fellow travellers. 

Don’t make touring boring.

Take the tipsy tour and leave the bars / vibe to us. Every night we take 15-20 travellers to 4+ trendy bars. Our unique experience is a nightlife adventure that includes scandalous history, drinking games, local drinks and meeting other travellers. 

Sounds interesting… right?

Click here to learn MORE, history, and scandalous stories that make Barcelona so unique. Sit back, relax, and let us take care of your best night in Barca. 


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