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Top 9 Ruin Bars You Must Visit In Budapest

Top 9 Ruin Bars You Must Visit In Budapest

On the hunt for the best ruin bar experience in Budapest?

In this guide, we unveil our top 9 picks for the most authentic bars that will give you a glimpse of Budapest’s dazzling nightlife!

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1. Szimpla Kert

Szimpla Kert, mainly described as the “playground for grownups”, feels as though you are walking into a mad artist’s dream bar. Funky treasure hunt with drinks and a live band in the back corner of the bar, you get to experience the best of what Budapest nightlife has to offer! 

Szimpla, located in the heart of the party district, guarantees you an authentic experience that showcases eclectic art, walls filled with street signs, and graffiti on different floors. It’s our top pick for a reason!



2. Púder Bárszínház

Púder Bárszínház, a groovy bar located in the charming neighborhood of Raday Street, is a haven for those who want to enjoy a delicious Russian Ballerina and stare at the immersive art that truly defines its essence. 

The choice is entirely yours: whether you want to sit on the terrace outside and enjoy a plate of some true Hungarian cuisine or opt to sit inside and indulge in some delicious cocktails. We give it a 10/10.



3. Doboz

Doboz, also known as the ‘box’, is the ultimate destination for die-hard reggaeton fans longing to enjoy an unforgettable ruin bar experience. With numerous rooms and bars to explore, you get to appreciate the outside patio that holds a gigantic King Kong statue, while also indulging in a delicious slice of pizza and a refreshing selection of beverages. 

P.S. This gem is open on Friday and Saturday nights only.



4. Stifler Ház

Stifler Ház, a notable ruin bar that’s located near Goszdu Udvar, is a true package deal for the perfect night out with friends. Here you can enjoy a pint of inexpensive beer, fill your stomach with some good ol’ burger and fries, or challenge your friends to a game of pinball and foosball. From an intimate billiard room downstairs to four different dance floors each blasting its distinct genre of music, this place has it all!

Join us at Stifler and mark your place here! Like all good things in life, admission is free.



5. Grandio Jungle Bar

Situated in the trendy district near the Grand Synagogue, Grandio Jungle Bar is an oasis that will transport you to a jungle of trees full of fairy lights, creating the perfect atmosphere to bring a date and enjoy a magical evening together. From tasty burgers with grilled onions to a great selection of local beers like Dreher Gold, Dreher IPA, Arany Ászok to Meggy (cherry beer), you’ll find yourself enjoying this secret wilderness complemented by friendly prices that won’t break the bank.



6. Kőleves Kert

Kőleves Kert, situated in the trendy district of Kazinczy Street, is a refreshing spot for those who want to enjoy a night in a garden full of colorful chairs, vibrant pebbles, and even hammocks. Offering a wide array of draft beers to the Hungarian beloved fröccs (wine spritzer), Kőleves Kert is the perfect spot to cozy up in a blanket outdoors.

Mostly enjoyed by the locals, this is a delightful escape into a sweet summer evening filled with flowing conversations in the local dialect.



7. Csendes Létterem – Vintage Bar & Cafe

Located near downtown Astoria and Kalvin Square, Csendes Létterem – Vintage Bar & Café, commonly known as a place that has a ‘soul’, has a history of being a Transylvanian restaurant. Notorious for leading a ‘double life’, Csendes by day is a cozy cafe serving up a great selection of foods and coffee, and by night it transforms into a lively bar, drawing in a diverse crowd of both locals and visitors together. This charming place proudly displays local art whilst welcoming those who appreciate it. 

Whether you come solo or with a company, we strongly suggest you treat yourself to a fresh pint of beer or a finely crafted Aperol spritz during your visit here. 



8. EXTRA brunch bar club

Placed right in the heart of the party district of Budapest, EXTRA Brunch Bar Club is the place to visit if you want to avoid a less touristy spot that still offers an extraordinary bar experience in the lively city of Budapest. The two-floored establishment often reminds visitors of a scene from Chicago, adding a touch of exposed brick decor and a unique red light ambiance. EXTRA is focused much less on culinary delights, and more on enjoying an extensive list of drinks and a pleasant atmosphere.

Tip: Don’t forget to give their signature mai tai cocktail a try for a sip of a true palate explosion!



9. Instant & Fogas Complex

Last but not least, it would be a crime to not include the infamous Instant & Fogas Complex on our list of favorites, as you get a ruin pub and a club experience all in one. Formerly separate ruin bars, Instant and Fogas Haz joined forces in 2017, creating a thriving epicenter for visitors and locals to shake it up til 6 am. 
Whether you’re into techno, R&B hip hop, reggaeton, or pop music, Instant is a place for everyone! Our Tipsy Tour Budapest community gives its stamp of approval to this neon-lit hotspot as the must-visit destination in Budapest.




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