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Best Tapas in Barcelona 2024

Best Tapas in Barcelona

Hungry for the best tapas in Barcelona? Our team on the ground has come up with this guide to their top spots in the El Born and Gothic areas. We love our tapas at Tipsy Tours, and if you want to try the best Barcelona, meet fun, like-minded people, and taste traditional local drinks, join us on our Barcelona Tapas Tour

Bodega La Puntual

Local, afforadable, and tasty tapas plates.
Price: €€

Situated in the heart of El Born, one of Barcelona's top tourist destinations, Bodega La Puntual is a sit-down-style tapas bar with a distinctly Catalan vibe. Guests can expect chilled vibes, great service, and a wide variety of tapas dishes, including seafood and vegan options.

It's best known for its excellent seafood and octopus (pulpo, in the local lingo).

La Puntual Tapas

Euskal Etxea

Top place for Pinchos, toasts with a variety of toppings
Price: €

Euskal Etxea is a tapas and pincho bar located in the Gothic Quarter, boasting Northern Spain vibes (Basque region). Loved by both locals and tourists, it offers some of the best pinchos in town. Here, you pay by the pincho (toothpick), with the cost being around €2.50 per toothpick.

Euskal also has plenty of gluten-free and vegetarian optionsReserve your table here.

Euskal Etxea Tapas

El Callejon

Some of the best croquetas in Barcelona (try the blue cheese one)
Price: €€

El Callejon, which literally translates to "the aisle" due to its position, is a 100-year-old restaurant located in the heart of Barcelona. It offers peculiar dishes such as pasta with chistorra (a type of sausage), and also has a variety of croquetas that stand out with unusual flavors such as the famous blue cheese croquet. 

Don't miss this place if you're a fan of wine. (And don't miss our Barcelona Tipsy Tour either!)

El Callejon Croquets 

Golfo de Bizkaia Born

Very authentic and local, great for Pinchos & Tapas together
Price: €

This charming little local spot, with stools outside that add to its social vibe, is located on a lively street in El Born. Golfo de Bizkaia Born specialize in fresh pinchos and offer more than 10 types. If you're a fan of seafood, the Crab pincho is highly recommended for its exceptional quality.

Gluten-free options are also available.

Golfo de Bizkaia Tapas

Tapeo Del Born

High-quality Tapas in a modern setting
Price: €€

Tapeo Del Born is must-try if you're in the area. A very lively place, well-known among Catalans. The kitchen is tiny and open, allowing you to see how they prepare your dishes the modern setting is also unique. On weekends, there's a queue, so we would recommend making a reservation. Also, we recommend trying the Beef Skirt Steak with chimichurri; you can't go wrong with this option.

Tapeo Al Born Tapas 

Bar del Pla

A tapas bar with a homey atmosphere, signature dishes, and a local environment.
Price: $$

Situated in the Gothic Quarter, Bar del Pla has an incredible reputation as a tapas bar. We strongly recommend making a reservation since this place's cool, unpretentious vibe makes is really popular among locals. But if you're looking to try unique interpretations of classic and distinctive Spanish dishes, Bar del Pla is place for you! 

Make sure to try the mushroom salad with wasabi dressing 🤤

Bar Del Pla Tapas

Casa Lolea Barcelona

A non-touristy Tapas gem located close to the center or Barcelona
Price: $$

Casa Lolea is a more upscale tapas bar, offering a unique selection of Spanish tapas. With fresh ingredients, a lively ambiance, and vibrant colors, it could be called a high-end dining experience.

We highly recommend trying their sparkling homemade sangria, renowned as one of the best in town. Don't miss out on their homemade black truffle risotto either!

Casa Lolea tapas

Casa Rafols

A beautiful tapas bar in a vintage hardware store that existed many years ago, housed in a 100-year-old building.
Price: $$

Located near the Arc de Triomphe, Casa Rafols is an especially unique tapas bar, having been converted from a hardware store that opened in 1911! Despite offering a relatively small selection of tapas, their menu includes vegetarian options, and every dish is outstanding in quality.

The combination of the vintage ambiance and the prime location makes it a must-visit for those seeking an amazing tapas experience in a historic setting.

Casa Rafol Tapas

Bar Lobo

Terrace dining, light bites and modern decoration
Price: $$

Tucked away in one of the back streets behind La Rambla, Bar Lobo is the perfect non-touristy spot you'll find in this neighborhood. Its lies in its location amidst the area's enchanting streets. If you're lucky, you might enjoy street music while dining.

The food is amazing too, with the chefs applying a unique twist to most dishes. We particularly recommend the eggplant with honey.

Bar Lobo Tapas

La Alcobita

Local, chill vibes with a selection of tasty cocktails
Price: $$

Located in the cool, centrally-situated Gothic Quarter, La Alcobita is loved for its great quality and affordable prices. What makes it so special is the choice of two atmospheres: a cozy and romantic indoor setting or a chill, breezy terrace.

Don't forget, the kitchen closes at midnight, so plan your tapas experience in advance to get the most of your night out in Barcelona!

La Alcobita Tapas

Whether you're craving Catalan authenticity or a modern twist, these diverse establishments offer a unique taste of Barcelona's culinary delights! We hope you enjoy exploring Barcelona's tapas scene with us on our Tipsy Tapas Tour.

Looking to meet other fun travelers in Barcelona?

Our Barcelona Tipsy Tour is the perfect way to meet other like-minded travellers, sip the finest Spanish drinks, and immerse yourself in Barcelona’s famous nightlife. Check it out, book your spot, and guarantee a great night out! 


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