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Top 8 Hottest Brunch Spots in Budapest

Top 8 Hottest Brunch Spots in Budapest

Searching for that perfect spot to start your adventure in the lively city of Budapest? You have come to the right place. In this article, we present you seven destinations that offer a truly one-of-a-kind brunch experience. From hidden gems located in endearing alleyways to iconic cafes soaked with a rich history, each spot offers a unique twist to kickstart your day!

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1. TwentySix Budapest

You may have seen this gem of a place all around social media, as their popularity has prominently risen in the past year or so. TwentySix Budapest is a Mediterranean-inspired eatery that evokes a botanical garden feel, making it the “it” place for a delicious brunch.

From Mango Bellini drinks to huge portioned English breakfasts with a mix of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern flavors, you can taste it all. 

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But what truly sets TwentySix Budapest apart? Their notable selling point includes a ‘unique’ drink offer in the menu in which they plant a tree in your honor if you purchase it, as well as you get to receive updates about your very own tree! 

And here’s a fun fact: The name Twenty Six is revealed to be given due to the fact that 26 degrees Celsius is needed for the plant-filled venue to thrive.

Come immerse yourself in a botanical paradise and a one-of-a-kind brunch at TwentySix Budapest, and leave with an experience that leaves a lasting impression and countless photo-worthy moments!

2. Six Letter Coffee Co.

Stationed right in the neighborhood of the Parliament, the vibrant cafe with the clever name of Six Letter Co. is hard to miss. In just six letters, this cafe captures the true essence of specialty coffee and a high-quality breakfast with a million-dollar view.

Despite its enviable locationSix Letter Co. remains committed to affordability by continuously ensuring a memorable and budget-friendly breakfast or brunch experience.

As for the menu, we highly recommend you treat yourself to a sip of their salted caramel hot chocolate or their signature refreshing cold brewed coffee to kickstart your perfect morning. Their beloved options like the savory pistachio croissant, delectable French toast, or classic croque madame make Six Letter Co. the true beacon of flavor and exquisite breakfast experience in Budapest.


3. Stika Gastropub

If you’re wondering where the best Pastrami Sandwich and Eggs Benedict with Hungarian sausages in Budapest are located, look no further than Stika Gastropub

Situated right in the heart of the city, this gem features a vibrant green interior with hanging plants, bringing out a unique ambiance to your meal, all while bustling techno music fills the air. But it’s not just the atmosphere that sets Stika apart -- it’s their generous portions that have people coming back for more. 

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Whether you’re in the mood for their infamous Red Velvet Latte or their Avocado Toast with Salmon, it is going to grab your appetite and kickstart your day.  It’s a must-visit for those interested in trying out an authentic Hungarian breakfast

4. Fat mama

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Positioned in the Jewish district, Fat Mama is the hotspot for enjoying Hungarian-inspired dishes. From flavorful beef screws to Fat Mama’s poached eggs and strawberry waffles, you have a great selection to start your day! Not to mention that there is live music in the afternoon, showcasing a funky ambient atmosphere as you enjoy a relaxing setting with your meal of choice.

Fat Mama has something for everyone, as they offer plenty of gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan breakfast options. 

5. Mitzi

Found in the downtown area of Budapest, Mitzi is located in a convenient spot that you may stumble upon during your city exploration, as it is right next to the famous Gellert spa as well as the famous Big Market hall across the Green Bridge 

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Step into Mitzi if you want to indulge yourself in authentic Hungarian gnocchi as well as their exquisite Mediterranean cuisine with their prominent Shakshuka option. And let’s not forget about their famous Mitzi cappuccino -- a must-try for a coffee enthusiast. It’s a spot that has a truly thoughtful menu combination with an atmosphere that evokes a certain feeling of freshness and relaxation. 

P.S. There is live music on Thursday nights, so do not miss out on that ambient authentic experience at Mitzi!

6. Cafe Brunch Budapest

With five different locations spanning Budapest’s most prominent hotspots, Cafe Brunch Budapest is your go-to destination for a delightful breakfast or brunch experience. 

Cafe Brunch Budapest is the place for indulging yourself in freshly squeezed orange juice or starting your day with a true traditional Hungarian breakfast. It is of utter importance to mention their daily happy hour deals ranging from 2 to 4 pm, where you may order two cocktails and pay for only one


Make sure to take advantage of their al fresco seating and bask in the sunshine! Why not treat yourself to a classic omelet or explore their plethora of vegan options? Either way, Cafe Brunch Budapest offers the perfect blend of relaxation and deliciousness to enjoy on a sunny day in the city.

7. Central Grand Cafe & Bar

Enter the realm of Budapest’s Central Grand Cafe & Bar, where you can go back in time and taste history and elegance all in one spot. Its high-ceilinged Art Nouveau ambiance brings back its history as at one point, it was a hub for civil and political organizations.

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Want to journey into a unique selection of delicate cakes with mousse and airy cake layers? At Central Grand Cafe & Bar you will get more than just a menu order, you will receive the ‘grand’ experience of sipping your drink amidst a live pianist and violinists serenading guests, creating the perfect atmosphere for that perfect bite! 

(Fun fact: the establishment is 137 years old.) 
Central Grand Cafe & Bar isn’t just a brunch spot, it’s a bucket list-worthy destination for the perfect start of your day in sunny Budapest.

8. Szimply-Brunch and Coffee

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Szimply-Brunch and Coffee, located right beside the iconic Great Synagogue, promises an experience that is anything but ordinary. Tucked away in a charming courtyard, Szimply offers a refreshing selection of Acai bowls, their signature Buddha bowl, avocado toast topped with poached egg and salmon -- guarantees to give a fusion of flavors and satisfy your taste.

They offer generous portions and a vegan-friendly menu, along with their popular order of tasty lemongrass and ginger tea. Szimply is considered Budapest’s must-visit spot for brunch aficionados, and therefore, we highly recommend you book in advance to secure your spot in this delicious haven. It is ‘szimply’ one of a kind!


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